Video – 1/8th A-main Final

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Video – 1/10th A-main Final

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Collari gives rivals a ‘master class’ to win ENS opener


A track where back in 1978 a 6-year-old Lamberto Collari would begin a career that has brought him 9-time World Champion titles, today the legend of the sport gave his rivals a master class in how to execute the perfect final as he took victory in the season opener of the Euro Nitro Series.  Now owner of the L.Collari RC Raceway, Collari claimed his third ENS win by a full lap over Top Qualifier Dario Balestri with Andrea Pirani completing the podium in Bologna. The honour of best non Italian fell to defending champion Simon Kurzbuch who would finish 5th behind Alberto Picco after a difficult race.


A track where Collari was expected to win he said at the start of the weekend he was ‘actually not so sure’ it was possible.  With the ENS 140 entry creating high grip on the track he said it was like driving a new track but they worked hard and ‘everything came together’ and he was able to take a convincing victory.  Expecting a strong challenge from Balestri the master of race strategies went for two less fuel stops than the reigning European Champion. Pitting for tyres half way through the race the unsponsored Mugen/OS driver said at the end of the first stint his handout Matrix ‘tyres were done’.  Able to run a more conservative second half to the 45-minute main he said he reached the finish with the tyres still OK.  Keen to add the ENS title to his list of achievement he said the result is a good start to that aspiration and he is looking forward to Round 2 in Austria in June.


Having led the way in qualifying taking three of the six qualifiers and leading for the first 10-minutes of the final Balestri said everything was good but twice he suffered problem with the bodyshell during refuelling that cost him valuable seconds each time.  The Capricorn/Tesla driver slightly frustrated at having not been able to beat Collari in his own backyard said ‘we will see at the next race if we can beat him’.


Claiming his first ENS podium finish WRC driver and designer Andrea Pirani was very happy with the result.  Making a mistake at the first corner which dropped him from his 3rd place starting position to 5th, he said he lost a lot of time behind Robert Pietsch and it was difficult to overtake the Mugen as he was defending strongly his position.  With this allowing Collari and Balestri to pull away he said once he was passed Pietsch he was able to establish a good rhythm managing to pull some time back on Balestri towards the end of the race.  Stopping for tyres after 20-minutes he said their tyre calculations for the race were good and it was a ‘quick stop’.


Having looked in contention for at least a top 3 finish unfortunately for Picco an engine cut 13-minutes in to the final would end his challenge for a podium.  Coming out of the pits he said instead of exiting full power he went half throttle but his engine went rich and before he could catch it it cut. After that he said ‘not easy to catch back up’ but as a race he drove with no mistakes over the 45-minutes and he was ‘happy with that’.  His best ENS finish to date, the vastly experienced Italian said his car, engine and tyres were all good and had better pace than finishing 4th.


‘That wasn’t my best race’ was how a disappointed Kurzbuch summed up the first race of his title defence.  The Team Shepherd driver made a mistake at the beginning that would leave his Velox V8 tweaked.  Taking a little consolation from being the best non Italian finisher, the Swiss driver said the big problem was that he ‘made a lot of errors’.  With his pitcrew ‘making a perfect job’ he said the errors were all from his side.  While he gave his best he said he hoped for better at the next round at the Aigen track.


While Kurzbuch’s Shepherd team-mate Francesco Tironi would complete the Top 6, his main title rival of 2014 Pietsch would too suffer a bad start to his championship campaign.  Retiring in the final 10-minutes of the race with a broken clutch, the 2011 World Champion said from the start of the race his Picco powered MRX5 ‘felt strange’ with him having no rear traction and he couldn’t understand how it had become so bad until after the race. On inspecting the car for which he was responsible for designing he found two key screws missing from the rear of the chassis of a car.  Screws he ‘normally never open’, he was at a loss to explain how they went missing.


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Monday, April 20, 2015

Coelho wins ENS season opener


Man of the moment Bruno Coelho has won the opening round of Season #2 of the Euro Nitro Series in Bologna, Italy.  Making his ENS debut, the factory Xray driver took victory in the 45-minute encounter over the HB of Jilles Groskamp and his Xray World Champion team-mate Alexander Hagberg.  Top Qualifier Teemu Leino’s race would come to a sudden end when having lead the race for 25-minutes the Finn would pull a front corner of his HB as he hit the pitwall as he came in for a scheduled stop.  2014 ENS title front runner Dominic Greiner would suffer a similar faith as he broke the rear suspension on his Serpent 10-minutes into the race.


Delighted with his race Coelho afterwards said ‘finally a win’, the new star of international onroad racing having been unlucky not to win last weekend’s ETS third round that was also held in Italy. Set to contest all four rounds of the ENS, he continued ‘it is a perfect start for the championship’. Having got the race off to a strong passing Leino on the third lap on the very next lap he would flip his Max powered NT1’15 after getting caught out by the high ride height he was running on his new NT1 ’15 for the long race.  Losing 5-seconds as a result of the mistake and dropping to 10th, he would set about a strong recovery.  Getting back up to second his quest for a win on his ENS debut would be made all the easier by Leino’s exit from the race.  Having considered a tyre strategy of changing just the outside tyres he said that would have been a bad decision and his call to change all 4 of the event handout Matrix tyres was correct.  Changing his Max engine for the final to one that he ran in practice and put aside specifically for the Main, the 21-year-old said it was ‘super good’ from start to finish.  Stopping at 4:30 intervals he said everything but that one early mistake went to plan and he is already looking forward to Round 2 in Aigen, Austria, in June.


‘(I) Must say I’m happy with second starting from 7th’ was Groskamp’s reaction to the race.  The Dutch ace’s first race with the R10, he made ‘a lot changes’ for the final and it ‘felt really good getting faster as the tyres went lower’.  Suffering from his engine going rich on the bottom end allowing both Hagberg and Coelho go by, he said on having it adjusted during one of his fuel stops the change made was too big turning the engine too lean.  This resulted in a crash as he overshot a corner losing over 10-seconds.  Saying he then had nothing to lose he would ‘just go for it’ making in a number places over the middle of the race.  Pitting just to change outside tyres he said once in second in knew Coelho was already too far ahead to catch and he went safe for the rest of the race as he could hear the engine tune was making the Maxima unit work extras hard.  The high bottom end also caused him to overshoot his pitstops a number of time with the 2012 Electric Touring Car World Champion saying everything considered he was ‘really happy’ to start his ENS campaign with a second considering it was his first race with a new car and that the track was different to anything they have raced it on before.


After a poor start to the event having struggled in practice and early qualifying Hagberg was happy to make the podium.  Starting from 8th on the grid the Swede said he is ‘always better in the final than qualifying’ and it would have bee nice for Xray if he could have made it a 1-2 finish but getting hit by a back marker ended that possibility.  The contact would chunk one of his tyres and having to finish the race with this cost him second place.  Other than suffering a flame out during his tyre stop he said the rest of the race went to plan.


Having bumped up from the B-Main to take the 12th & final spot on the grid, Gerhard Kandlehart was delighted to take his Shepherd to fourth.  The Austrian, joking ‘for an old man the pace is too fast’, said he just ‘kept going around easy for the 45-minutes’ and ‘it worked out’.  Only changing his outside tyres the former 235mm European Champion compliment his pit crew for a ‘super fast’ stop.


Finishing fifth Xray’s Martin Hudy said ‘as a it was a very good race and we came so close to getting a 1-2′.  As a driver the race was ‘very frustrating’. Suffering a crash caused by traffic on the third lap he said this left his car tweaked.  First thinking he had a damaged tyre as a result of the incident he pitted for new tyres but the car was still not right and for 44-mins he ‘was struggling not racing’ just trying to survive to the finish.


Completing the Top 6 Alessio Mazzeo’s hopes of a win on his ENS debut would disappear when the Serpent ran out of fuel just before his first stop.  Despite recording the fastest lap of the race, the 2013 European Champion would suffer a number of flame outs and leave the Italian to finish 10-laps down on the winner.


Also Top Qualifier at last year’s season opener but only finishing 4th, Leino was looking on target for his first ENS win until he made his tyre change.  The former World Championship Top Qualifier opted to change just his outside tyres which left his R10 car pulling to one side. While able to control it on the track through his radio’s wheel, coming in for his next fuel stop he didn’t make the correction causing the left side of the car to hit the start of the pit wall resulting in instant retirement.


Struggling with his 748 being really loose, Greiner was struggling with his car but able to run 5-minutes between stops he was hoping the 2-stops saved would give him a chance of a podium finish.  Not sure as to whether it was the set of tyre or the track temperature that lost him his speed, struggling with the car under breaking for the pits it broke loose and collected the right side pit wall ending the 2014 ENS race winner’s final.  While reigning champion Eric Dankel didn’t even make the Main, championship runner-up Dirk Wischnewski wouldn’t fare much better as his race lasted just 4-laps as his engine suffered a conrod failure.


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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Euro Nitro Series Rd1 – Sunday Finals

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Live results from be found on MyRCM here.

For viewers in Germany using Firefox or Chrome browser you can install the browser addon ProxTube to allow you to view the live stream.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rinaldi & Depta join 1:8 A-Main grid


Italy’s Mattia Rinaldi and Germany’s Merlin Depta join the 1:8 A-Main grid as the 11th and 12th starters after bumping up from the B-Main and into the main event of the opening round of Season #2 of the Euro Nitro Series.  Starting the 20-minute encounter from pole position and recording the fastest lap, Rinaldi’s Mugen would lead from start to finish to take the win by just 7/10th of a second from the Serpent of 2014 ENS finalist Depta.  10-seconds back Stefano Puccinelli would finish 3rd having bumped up from the C-Main.  Unfortunately while holding a bump up position, Team Xray’s Bruno Coelho would go out with a broken car after heavy contact when he collected a car that had made a mistake ahead of him.


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Sunday, April 19, 2015

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2014 Final Overall Championship Standings

1/8th scale Class
1. Kurzbuch Simon - 460pts
2. Pietsch Robert - 458pts
3. Mack Oliver - 445pts
4. Ielasi Daniele - 444pts
5. Ermen John - 439pts
6. Salven Michael - 437pts
7. Pirani Andrea - 435pts
8. Salemi Mirko - 430pts
9. Vrielijnck Rick - 426pts
10.Vogl Maximilian - 425pts
11.Lorenzi Andrea - 422pts
12.Klausner Michael - 421pts
13.Depta Merlin - 416pts
14.Lechner Sabrina - 409pts
15.Hedlund Christofer - 398pts

1/10th scale Class
1. Dankel Eric - 458pts
2. Wischnewski Dirk - 454pts
3. Tironi Francesco - 453pts
4. Greiner Dominic - 451pts
5. Balestri Dario - 449pts
6. Schäfer Patrick - 447pts
7. Green Mark - 441pts
8. Alexander Thilo - 441pts
9. Leino Teemu - 438pts
10.Lissau Martin - 437pts
11.Varga Leonardo - 423pts
12 Krägefski Tom - 420pts
13.Moser Björn - 415pts
14.Rohrmoser Christoph - 400pts
15.Engel Franz - 391pts

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