Change of Venue for Round 1

ETS organisers announce Pilot Series for onroad nitro

In a revision to the previously published 2015 Euro Nitro Series calendar, Round 1 will now take place in Bologna at Collari Raceway the track of racing legend & 2014 ENS double race winner Lamberto Collari. The date remains unchanged as do the venues & dates of the other 3 rounds that make up Season #2 of the championship.

Revised 2015 ENS Calendar
April 17 – 19, Bologna / Italy – Round 1
June 12 – 14, Aigen / Austria – Round 2
July 17 – 19, Ettlingen / Germany – Round 3
October 23 – 25, Fiorano / Italy – Round 4

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Euro Nitro Series unveils 2015 calendar

Euro Nitro Series unveils 2015 calendar

Following the ultra successful completion of its inaugural championship last month, Capricorn’s Eric Dankel and Team Shepherd’s Simon Kurzbuch crowned the respective 1:10 and 1:8 Champions, the organisers of the Euro Nitro Series are pleased to unveil its calendar for the 2015 season. As in 2014, when the ENS was contested by 149 1:8 and 118 1:10 drivers from around the world, the championship will continue to run over four races with Melzo in Italy once again hosting the season opener over the weekend of 17-19 April. From Italy the championship will move on to Austria, with Aigen the venue for Round 2 from June 12-14.

The only change to the ENS schedule for 2015 is to the venue of the German round with Ettlingen set to welcome competitors to it newly resurfaced track from 17-19 July. The race that attracted the biggest entry of the 2014 season, the world famous Fiorano track in Italy will on 23-25 October again be given the task of hosting the concluding round to what promises to be an even more popular second season of the Euro Nitro Series. Following its successful partnership with tyre manufacturers Matrix, Contact, Enneti and Hot Race, each of whom supplied & managed the control tyre for one round of the championship, the ENS is set to continue with this for 2015 with full details to be announced shortly.

2015 Euro Nitro Series Calendar
April 17 – 19, Melzo Bologna / Italy – Round 1
June 12 – 14, Aigen / Austria – Round 2
July 17 – 19, Ettlingen / Germany – Round 3
October 23 – 25, Fiorano / Italy – Round 4

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Video – 1/8th scale A-main

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Video – 1/10th scale A-main

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Collari wins as Kurzbuch crowned ENS Champion


Lamberto Collari made it two wins from two appearances in this season’s Euro Nitro Series but it is Simon Kurzbuch & Team Shepherd who are the inaugural 1:8 Champions.  Starting the fourth & final round from the TQ position, Collari took a commanding victory with the 9-time World Champion running the 45-minute final relatively unchallenged.  Starting 3rd behind his only title rival Robert Pietsch, whose quest to become the ENS’s first champion ended after contact with Andrea Pirani, Kurzbuch would finish the race second with an impressive drive by last chance qualifier Robin D’hondt seeing the Belgian complete the podium.


With no championship worries having missed Rounds 2 & 3 due to other commitments, Collari was pleased to have won both the opening & final races of the season.  Beating Pietsch to the win at the season opener in Melzo, today he became the first Top Qualifier to go on to win.  In terms of his race, the Italian legend said a problem with his OS Speed engine going rich after each refuelling forced him to change his strategy to pitting earlier.  Other than this he said the rest of the race was fine with him having no issues, with his single tyre stop half way through going exactly to plan. Missing Round 2 due to preparing his own track for hosting the 1:8 Euro B Championships, he said he was a big fan of the ENS and next year he would contest the full championship a commitment that will make him a formidable title contender.


With his championship win proving hugely popular, Kurzbuch said of the final ‘I think that was nearly perfect’.  Admitting beating Collari was always going to be a hard ask, he said without Pietsch’s unfortunate crash he felt the race they ran would have been good enough to beat the former World Champion.  Changing his outside tyres at 10-minutes and then doing a full change at 25-minutes, he said that strategy ‘worked out very good’.  Coming in a lap early for one of his fuel stops due to a mis-communication with his pit crew the World Championship finalist said this, although nothing major, was the only blotch on the race.  After being ‘a little unlucky’ at the European Championships, the 22-year-old said it was nice to be able to reward Shepherd at the end of the season with the title.  He was also very happy to thank his other sponsors Novarossi and Contact with a championship win he says he plans to try to defend next season.  Although the calender for the second season of Euro Nitro Series has yet to be decided he said he very much relishes racing a round in his home country on the world famous Lostallo track.


Motonica driver D’hondt summed up his race from 11th on the grid to 3rd as ‘not bad, better than expected’.  Having struggled finding a set-up for his Picco powered P81 RS3 in qualifying, the multi time World Finalists found himself in the B Final.  Making changes for that 20-minute encounter he said this only left him with a very aggressive car but crediting his father with ‘perfect, fast’ fuel stops he was able to get the car into the Main event.  Making big changes to his shock set-up and ackermann after the B Final, he said the car ‘turned out to be great’.  Making just one tyre stop, the 25-year-old said the race, unlike Round 3 when he did just 3-laps in the final, couldn’t have gone much better.


Setting the fastest lap of the final, being the only driver to run a 14-second lap,  sixth place qualifier Andrea Lorenzi finished fourth.  ‘Satisfied’ with having posted the fastest lap in the second half of the race, he said for him fourth was a good result.  Having a coming together with BP Racing’s Mirko Salemi, the Shepherd driver said it was otherwise ‘a smooth race’ with his one tyre stop going to plan.


Finishing fifth Alberto Picco described his race as ‘difficult’.  A problem with the clutch/gearbox on his Mugen meant that it would not pick up out of the corners.  Also having a crash with Michael Salven as the Serpent driver rejoined the track following an excursion onto the grass, the Italian would lose half a lap in the incident.  He said the feeling of the MRX-5 was good but with the transmission gremlins he couldn’t make the most of it.


Completing the Top 6, Pietsch was frustrated by his incident with Pirani.  WRC driver Pirani lost power coming onto the straight due to running out of fuel, his stop planned for a lap later, but in the path of Pietsch they made contact.  Seeing the wheel of his Picco powerd MRX-5 in ‘a strange position’, he said he was ready to come down from the driver stand but his crew got the car back on track.  With the impact bending the bumper and ‘the suspension not right’, he said it was hard to drive but he had to try everything to get the car to the finish just in case Kurzbuch was to hit problems.  Doing two tyre stops, he thought with his rivals tyres going to be so small at the end of the race he would have had a very fast car with which to finish the race had it not been for the unavoidable crash.  Behind Kurzbuch and Pietsch, Oliver Mack would complete the overall championship podium.


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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dominant Balestri wins ENS Finale


Dario Balestri completed the perfect weekend at the Euro Nitro Series season finale in Fiorano, Italy, with a dominant victory. Starting from pole position the Capricorn driver headed an Italian 1-2 in the race finishing almost 2-laps clear of Team Shepherd’s Francesco Tironi. Starting from 11th on the grid having bumped up from the B-Final, Serpent’s Mark Green completed the podium at the Mini Autodromo Jody Scheckter track. The third win for Capricorn in the inaugural four round championship, for Balestri team-mate and newly crowned champion Eric Dankel it was a disappointing finish to an otherwise successful campaign as the German suffered gearbox issues and ended the 45-minute encounter 10th.


Having topped the time sheets in practice and in all five rounds of qualifying, Balestri put his extensive track knowledge to good use taking complete control of the final. Only relinquishing the race lead when he stopped to change the outside tyres on his new C03, the 2-time European Champion was understandably pleased with his performance describing it as having gone ‘perfect’. Contact with Dominic Greiner 20-minutes into the race as he came back up through the field after pitting for a new tyres, which required him to be marshalled, was the only incident in an otherwise well executed race. Surprised at how much traction he had in the final and at how good his controlled set Hot Race tyres looked at the end of the race compared to his rivals he said the new chassis plate they ran this weekend is a huge step forward for the team. The first Top Qualifier to go on to win the final, he said in the lead up to the World Championships in Thailand next month he was also ‘very very happy’ with his XRD engine which maintained its tune for all 151 laps. His first ENS win, his previous two outings in the championship having not worked out well come the finals, he said he couldn’t have asked for a better package this weekend.


The ‘best I could do’ was how Tironi summed up his race. Forced to change all four tyres on his Novarossi powered Velox V10 he said this was always going to but him at a disadvantage to Balestri as it was too difficult to make back the time. The World Championship podium finisher said overall the car was good adding he can ‘honestly be happy with the result’. Describing his race as ‘consistent’ he was happy with how his car & engine worked and with a good feeling for the car in the final he said this leaves him very positive for the World Championships.


Getting pushed off the track in three of his qualifiers, 3 out of 5 counting towards the grid, Green said starting in the B Final was not a reflection of the pace he had all weekend and he was very happy to show that with a podium finish. The British driver said he ‘kept it clean’ for the race and starting from the tail end of the grid he ran smooth early in the race so as to stretch out his tyre stop. Changing just the outside tyres and able to run 5-minute fuel stops ‘no problem’ he said while his Novarossi powered 748 was not the fastest it was consistent and nice & easy to drive.


Calling for the race start to be delayed suspecting he had radio interference, Dirk Wischnewski would have an up & down race eventually finishing fourth. Following his call, the interference turning out to be debris jamming up the car’s steering, the Shepherd driver would give up his 3rd position and start from the back of the grid. Despite suffering a body tuck every pit stop, his pit crew forgetting to replace the rear body brace when investigating his warm-up issue, the German worked his way towards the front. In a podium position the former European Champion would with 6-minutes to go strip 2nd gear allowing Green to pass him for a Top 3 finish – gearbox problems effecting a lot of drivers in the final. Wischnewski said he was happy with how his Velox V10 handled and with the consumption he got from his Orcan engine. Changing just the outside tyres he said this strategy was good too as he had plenty of tyre left at the end but it just wasn’t meant to be his race.


Mario Spiniello would finish 5th ahead of the Capricorn of fellow Italian David Loppini. The only Xray in the final, he described his race as ‘so so’. Running the race on a single set of tyres he said that strategy would have been perfect had it not been for three engines cuts. While his NT1 started out slow on big tyres as they wore down the car felt perfect. Running 5-minute fuel stops, in the closing stages of the race they would get caught out, him running dry at 4:45 for his 3rd & 2nd last stops and at 4:30 as his crew prepared for his last scheduled stop. The only other driver to do the final without a tyre stop, European B Champion Thilo Todtmann would also lose the benefit as he suffered four flame outs leaving the German to finish a ‘disappointing’ eighth.


The driver most expected to have the potential to take the challenge to Balestri, Serpent’s Greiner had ‘a lot of trouble’. An ENS race winner & Top Qualifier, the German said his Max engine was too rich at the start of the race but worse was to come. In the middle of the race while battling with Tironi, his 748 would stop changing into second. Pitting to have it looked at at the same time Tironi made his tyre stop, his crew found debris in the gearbox and once cleaned he was back in the race. However his troubles weren’t over with him delayed further by a problem with his fuel tubing.


Although he locked up the overall championship win with victory at Round 3 in Hockemheim, Dankel, the only multiple race winner of the season, said today’s result was not how he wanted to end his ENS campaign. The German said his C03 was ‘tweaked or something’ adding he’s going to need a new car for the World Championship. Describing the car as ‘impossible to drive in left corners’, he would go on to join the list of gearbox casualties with a stripped 2nd gear. He said possibly a stone caused the problem because fitting a new one without adjusting the meshing it ran the rest of the race ok.


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Sunday, October 19, 2014

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2014 Final Overall Championship Standings

1/8th scale Class
1. Kurzbuch Simon - 460pts
2. Pietsch Robert - 458pts
3. Mack Oliver - 445pts
4. Ielasi Daniele - 444pts
5. Ermen John - 439pts
6. Salven Michael - 437pts
7. Pirani Andrea - 435pts
8. Salemi Mirko - 430pts
9. Vrielijnck Rick - 426pts
10.Vogl Maximilian - 425pts
11.Lorenzi Andrea - 422pts
12.Klausner Michael - 421pts
13.Depta Merlin - 416pts
14.Lechner Sabrina - 409pts
15.Hedlund Christofer - 398pts

1/10th scale Class
1. Dankel Eric - 458pts
2. Wischnewski Dirk - 454pts
3. Tironi Francesco - 453pts
4. Greiner Dominic - 451pts
5. Balestri Dario - 449pts
6. Schäfer Patrick - 447pts
7. Green Mark - 441pts
8. Alexander Thilo - 441pts
9. Leino Teemu - 438pts
10.Lissau Martin - 437pts
11.Varga Leonardo - 423pts
12 Krägefski Tom - 420pts
13.Moser Björn - 415pts
14.Rohrmoser Christoph - 400pts
15.Engel Franz - 391pts

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